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Welcome to Seedor blog! Here you can find more info about the products, gardening and planting tips, recipes, and other good stuff! 

making a soil factory with bokashi compost

Making a soil factory

Did you know that you can make your own soil on your balcony? The end product of bokashi composting is not yet soil, but first class compost basis. You get that, when you have filled your bokashi composter

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flower and herb drying clamp
Preserving and Cooking

2 ways to preserve herbs for winter

Towards the end of the summer it’s time to harvest the herbs and edible flowers we have been growing all summer. If we’re lucky, there’s enough harvest to not only consume fresh, but also to preserve some for

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different sprouts and what they taste like
Sprouts and Microgreens

17 different sprouts and what they taste like

Growing sprouts and microgreens is the easiest way to start growing your own greens. They’re fast and easy to grow in a sprouting jar or a sprouting tower, most of the sprouts take just a few days from

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bokashi composting

Bokashi Composting

Food waste has become a massive global problem. In the EU, out of all municipal solid waste generated, organic waste accounts for more than 34%. Out of that, 60% is food waste.  What if there was an easy

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foliar feeding
Indoor Plant Care

Foliar Feeding

Is fertilising indoor plants necessary? Some argue it is not that plants can survive without them, but you can definitely help your plants thrive by providing them with necessary micronutrients. It helps them grow and enhances their health

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cleaning indoor plant leaves
Indoor Plant Care

Indoor Plant Leaf Cleansing

When was the last time you cleaned the leaves of your indoor plants? We asked this recently on our Instagram, 33% of the respondents were proud to say that they have a leaf cleaning routine, well done! The

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