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Helpful tools when sowing seeds this spring

Is it starting to feel like spring where you’re living? No matter what, spring is coming and it means that gardening season is starting! Some seeds with a long germination time should be sown pretty early, so it is time to think about the gardening plans and start sowing!

Here are some of our favourite tools that are useful when sowing seeds:

Potting mat

Potting mat makes cleaning after gardening work so much easier! You can sow the seeds indoors without having to worry about dirt or water going anywhere from the gardening station. The potting mat can also be used as a tray for the seed pots while the seedlings grow indoors.

Seed pot tray

This metal seed tray is so beautiful and so durable, it will last you many, many years! It makes it a very environmentally friendly tray for growing seedlings. The little pots are removable and open from the bottom, so once your seedlings are ready to be repotted you can easily get them out of the seed pots without damaging the roots.

Squeeze sprinkler

Squeeze sprinkler is the go-to tool for watering the sown seeds. It gives such a gentle shower so you can make sure the seeds won’t wash away. Also perfect for using on seedlings when they have already grown a bit, but are still very fragile.

Seedling labels

Have you ever sown seeds and forgotten right away, which plant was which? This happens so often, but can be avoided with labeling! These wooden labels are perfect for this purpose.

What are your go-to gardening tools when sowing seeds? Do you have any good tips for starting a garden in spring?

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