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Telescopic Bar for Hanging Plants

Telescopic Bar for Hanging Plants

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Expand the space for your plants with this telescopic bar

Using the telescopic bar it is possible to hang plants, lights and any other decoration, so you can create a beautiful green window! Works perfectly together with hanging trays.

The telescopic bar is easy to install and requires no tools or drilling, so it’s perfect for rental apartments, too. It is available in two colours, black and white.

Fits windows from 72 cm to 114 cm, holds up to 25 kg.

How to install the telescopic bar for hanging plants:

The bar consists of
  • A bar, that is adjustable in length, and with a spring inside for pressure, so that the bar can hold in place without screws
  • 2 end caps that press against the walls
  1. To adjust the width of the bar, press the button down then slide the inner bar to match the width according to the window in which you want to place the bar. Make sure the bar should be 5 cm winder than the width of the window frame.
  2. Place the bar with the smaller end cap on the wall first.
  3. Hold the bar in place and then compress it to fit between the window frame.
  4. Push the other end of the bar up so the bar is level.
  5. After installation, pull down the bar and make sure it is secured in place and safe to use.
  6. Now, the bar is ready and you can hang your plants on it using, for example the hanging trays.

Material: Carbon steel, rubber

Lenght: 72-114cm

Holds: 24kg with correct installation

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