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Round Windowsill Clamp Tray for Plants - Medium

Round Windowsill Clamp Tray for Plants - Medium

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Enlarge your home’s best plant spots with the windowsill clamp trays

Place more plants to the spots they like the most, near windows. With windowsill clamp trays you can create space for even more plants!

Windowsill clamp trays are perfect if
  • you want to place more plants near the window so they get more light.
  • you have cats or other pets that also want to have space on the windowsill.
  • you want to make beautiful plant arrangements using clamp trays.
  • you simply want to make more space for plants on your plant shelf or windowsill!

Measurement: Ø18, height 24 cm

Capacity: 3,5kg

How to install the windowsill clamp tray for plants:

  1. Attach the large screw with the clamp to the bottom of the tray.
  2. Place the clamp part to your windowsill and tighten it so that the clamp is secured.
  3. By turning the tray you can adjust the height of the tray.
  4. Now your windowsill clamp tray is ready for your plants!

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