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Grow Light Holder with Suction Cups

Hang your grow lights with the help of this grow light holder with suction cups. Because of the suction cups the holder can be attached to windows as well as tiled surfaces, for example above kitchen counter. 40 cm long chains allow you to adjust the height where the light hangs.

The grow light holder is also suitable for other types of grow light bars, as long as they have placements for the chain hooks to hang on, and they weight less than 0,5 kg.

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How to use the grow light holder with suction cups:

  1. Attach the grow light holder to the window or tiles with the help of the suction cups.
  2. Attach the hanging chains to the grow light and adjust the height.
  3. Hang the grow light on the light holder from the hooks at the end of the chains.
  4. Plug the light and you’re ready!

The holder takes a maximum load of 0.5 kg

Dimensions47 × 13 × 4 cm


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