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PlantSpectrum Grow Light

This is the grow light that is both beautiful, and extremely effective. It blends into any interior and makes your plants survive even the darkest winter. It provides your plants with the full spectrum of light, just like sunlight.

109,08  incl. VAT

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PlantSpectrum Grow Light

  • Full-spectrum, 16 watts LED light ideal for every plant
  • Easy to set up and use. The light comes with comes with a disc stand for upright lighting, as well as with sliders for easy rack mounting.
  • Made from high quality waterproof materials. The light is designed to be used for a lifetime, after 8 years of heavy use,  the LED strip is easily replaceable.
  • length: 40 cm

The light comes with:

  • Wall adapter with all international plug types
  • Disc mount for vertical installation
  • Slider mounts for easy rack installation
  • 2x M4 hex screws, 1 hex L-key too
Dimensions42 × 11 × 5 cm
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