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Houseplant Soil Booster

Healthy soil that has good structure and retains water and nutrients is important for the wellbeing of plants. To make sure the soil of your plants doesn’t lose these properties over time, use this soil booster. It is made out of 100% composed of insect humus naturally produced in a bioconversion process that transforms plant residues into highly rich compost for plants. It renews the quality of the soil and prolongs its useful life, favouring the activity of beneficial microorganisms and promoting the availability of nutrients for the plants.


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Quantity: 1 L

Ingredients: 100% insect humus

Chemical composition: organic matter 77%; 2.5% nitrogen; phosphorus 5.2%; potassium 5.5%; calcium 1.6%; 0.9% magnesium; copper 21 mg/kg; zinc 135 mg/kg; pH 8.9

Instruction: Every two months, lightly spread a portion of Houseplant Soil Booster on the soil around the plant to cover its surface. Lightly mix it in the soil. The product is very light, so water carefully so that the product does not leak. You can use it on all your houseplants.

Keep the package closed and in a cool place. It may have an odour when closed in the package, which dissipates quickly when applied as suggested.


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