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Clamp Hanger for Drying Herbs

Drying is an effective method to preserve flowers and herbs for longer. When air dried naturally, many plants retain their shape, colour, aroma and taste. This can be done easily with a drying clamp.

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Material: Pinewood, iron

Measurements: 24,9 x 2,7 x 17,3

How to use the drying clamp for drying herbs and flowers:

  1. Tie together the flowers or herbs you want to dry with rope (you can also skip this step if you want to).
  2. Open the drying clamp by pushing the iron hanger part back. This opens the two wooden parts of the clamp.
  3. Now you can place your herbs and flowers between the wooden clamp.
  4. To close, pull the iron hanger part back forward.
  5. Your flowers and herb are ready to be hung to dry!
Weight144 g
Dimensions2,7 × 24,9 × 17,3 cm


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