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Cuttings Stand - Glass Bulbs on Wooden Frame

A beautiful cuttings stand turns your plant cuttings into decor

Propagation from cuttings is a great way to get more plants! While waiting your cuttings to grow roots, use them as decoration by placing them in this cutting stand. Multiplying plants with cuttings done beautifully!

10,84 15,04  incl. VAT

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Includes: one/two glass vases and a stand


1 bulb: 14 cm x 16 cm x 8 cm

2 bulbs: 19 cm x 16 cm x 8 cm

How to use the cuttings stand for propagating plants:

  1. Fill the bulb/bulbs with water and place your plant cuttings in it. Make sure to change the water regularly.
  2. The wideness of the stand can be altered from the screws  of the inner side of the wooden frame. If the cuttings stand seems loose, make sure the screws are tight.
  3. To remove the grown plant cuttings from the cuttings stand, the stand can be taken apart as follows:
  • Remove the black holders at the ends of the bar that is holding the bulbs.
  • Slide out the bar and remove the bulbs. 
  • Now you can easily take out the plants without damaging the roots.
Weight0,179 g
Dimensions6,5 × 19,2 × 14,5 cm

1 bulb, 2 bulbs

1 review for Cuttings Stand – Glass Bulbs on Wooden Frame

  1. Eve

    Really good!

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