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Plant Support Chain

Let your plants climb longer with the help of the plant support chain

Help your climbing and trailing plants do what they do the best, grow to new spheres! This plant support chain is made for your long or ambitious plants, it is about 150-215 cm long (depending on the shape). It is easy to install and is such an eyecatcher, so it makes you and your plants happy. Available in different shapes and two colours, silver and gold.


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How to use plant support chains:

  1. Connect as many hoops as you want to each other.
  2. Attach your support chain to a ceiling, wall, curtain rod, or any other place where you want your plant to climb towards.
  3. Carefully adjust the vines of your plant so that they’re climbing up the chain. You can thread the vines through the hoops or tie them to the chain using, for example, garden rope.
  4. As your plants grow, keep adjusting the plant if it needs help climbing up the chain.

Each package of the plant support chains contains 17 hoops. The length of the chain is easily adjustable by modifying the amount of hoops attached.

There are 4 different shapes available, in silver and gold:

  • Oval: Size of the hoop 13,7×8,5 cm, total length of the chain 216,5 cm
  • Round: Size of the hoop 10×10 cm, total length of the chain 157 cm
  • Hexagon: Size of the hoop 10×11,2 cm, total length of the chain 175,5 cm
  • Triangle: Size of the hoop 10×11,5 cm, total length of the chain 178 cm

Material: Iron

Weight0,996 g



Circle, Triangle, Hexagon, Oval


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