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Bokashi Bran

Bokashi bran, a biogen, is the ingredient that makes the magic in a fermentation process happen. Bokashi bran is a mixture of effective microorganisms, water, sugar and wheat bran. When you add bran into Bokashi composter, it quickly starts fermenting bio-waste and turns it into a natural fertilizer, Bokashi liquid, that is a superfood your plants.
1 kg of Bokashi bran lasts you approximately 90 days with regular use.

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How to use Bokashi bran:

  1. Sprinkle 20 ml of bran into the composter before the first bio-waste.
  2. Throw the food scraps into the composter, make sure to cut larger pieces into smaller ones beforehand. Add 20 ml of bran after each new 5 cm layer of waste. For larger amounts of waste, add more bran.
  3. Use the presser provided to press down the waste to squeeze out the air. Cover the composter with a lid.

1 kg of Bokashi bran lasts approximately 90 days when used for one Bokashi composter.

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