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Bokashi Composter - Set

This set includes two Bokashi composters. After the Bokashi composter is filled, it needs 14 days to ferment the bio-waste. Meanwhile, you can use the second composter of the set, it’s a circle of composting!

Bokashi composting is an easy way of recycling your food waste. It turns food scraps into first-class compost basis, fast and odor-free!

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Package includes everything you need to start with composting:

  • 2 Covers
  • 2 Pressers
  • 2 Inner containers
  • 2 Housings
  • 2 Carrying bands
  • 2 Taps
  • 1 Dosage container
  • Bokashi bran (1 kg)

Starting instruction:

  1. Sprinkle 20 ml of bran into the composter before the first bio-waste.
  2. Throw the food scraps into the composter, make sure to cut larger pieces into smaller ones beforehand. Add 20 ml of bran after each new 5 cm layer of waste. For larger amounts of waste, add more bran.
  3. Use the presser provided to press down the waste to squeeze out the air. Cover the composter with a lid.

Drain the Bokashi liquid:

  1. Tilt the composter back 45 degrees and remove the lid.
  2. Tip the composter forward and drain the Bokashi liquid.
  3. Use the Bokashi liquid undiluted for maintaining clean drains, or diluted with water, as an fertiliser for watering indoor and garden plants.

When Bokashi composter is full:

  1. Once the composter is filled to about 5 cm below the rim, empty the contents into a larger bio-waste container
  2. or close it for 14 days to make a first-class compost base that can be added onto a compost heap, buried in the ground, or added in large plant pots with soil.

Dimensions: 34x24x24 cm (per composter)

Volume: 9,6 L (per composter)



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  1. Juha

    Good looking, easy to use, no smell

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