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Hydroponic Cultivator Small

Enjoy fresh leafy vegetables and herbs and even flowers all year round straight from your kitchen counter!

Hydroponic cultivation means growing plants straight in water, and it’s possible in such a hydroponic system. Hydroponic cultivation can be done indoors, on a window or a table, any time of the year.

This starting set includes all you need to start hydroponic cultivation. The cultivator is durable and will serve you a long time.

Fits three plants. Available also for six plants.


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The product includes:
  • Hydroponic cultivator box with a lid (polystyrene)
  • 3 net pots for holding the plants
  • 6 hydroponic plugs containing seeds, 3 x basil and 3 x lettuce
  • Fertilizer for hydroponic cultivation in 250 ml
Dimensions39 × 15 × 14 cm


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