Foliar feeding

Foliar feeding

Is fertilising indoor plants necessary? Some argue it is not that plants can survive without them, but you can definitely help your plants thrive by providing them with necessary micronutrients. It helps them grow and enhances their health and happiness.

There are many different nutrients and ways to give them to your plants to choose from, and one interesting technique is called foliar feeding. In foliar feeding the fertiliser is applied directly on the leaves of the plants. Here, we’re discussing a couple of questions regarding foliar feeding.

Why foliar feeding?

Plants are able to absorb nutrients not only through their roots but also through their leaves. Nutrients that are given through the leaves absorb faster than fertilisers put into the soil. Therefore, foliar feeding has a faster effect than the fertilisers that work through the roots.

This kind of fertilisers, for example, Houseplant Food, are sprayed on the leaves of the plant with the help of a mister. A few drops of the fertiliser are mixed with water in the spray bottle. Then, the mixture is ready to be sprayed on the plants. Make sure to use a fine mister, so the fertiliser distributes evenly.

When and how often should foliar feeding be done?

Like with any other fertiliser, the plants need the most foliar feeding during their growing season, so between March and September. When it comes to time, avoid doing it when the sunlight is the strongest, so the misted nutrients don’t evaporate off the leaves. The best time to foliar feed your plants therefore is in the morning, late afternoon or evening. This way the nutrients can stay on the leaves longer and the plants have time to absorb them.

Foliar feeding can be done as often as once a week, however, depending on the plant’s needs.

What kind of fertiliser is used for foliar feeding?

Houseplant Food on is a perfect fertiliser for foliar feeding. It is 100% composed of seaweed that was  sustainably harvested in the coastal regions of the North Atlantic.

This fertiliser has nutrients necessary for the proper development of plants, but also contains bioactive compounds whose activity makes indoor plants more tolerant to the effects of the stress, caused, for example, by moving.

Which plants can be foliar fed?

You can use foliar feeding on all  the indoor plants.

Any other important tips?

Don’t forget to make sure your plant’s soil is healthy, since foliar feeding doesn’t substitute good soil, but is a good addition to your plant care. If you need help with improving the quality of soil, check out the soil improvement products, Soil Freshener, Soil Topper, and Soil Booster on

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