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Round Hanging Tray for Plants - Large

Round Hanging Tray for Plants - Large

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Add more plants near your windows with the hanging trays

With this window hanging tray you can easily add more green to your home and your window! It creates more space for your plants, so you can make the most out of the light of you window, even if you don’t have any windowsills at all.

Material: Steel, PVC, iron

Measurements: Ø24 x 2 cm

How to use round hanging tray for hanging plants:

  1. There are a few options how to hang the round hanging tray. It can be hung from its looped cords on a curtain rod or a telescopic bar. You can use hooks or just thread the bar through the cords. Alternatively, you can hang the tray using hooks or nails attached to the wall above your window.
  2. When the tray is haging, make sure the it is balanced.
  3. Place your plants on the tray!

Available in 4 colors: gold, green, white and black.
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