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Round Windowsill Clamp Tray for Plants - Large

Round Windowsill Clamp Tray for Plants - Large

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Create more place on your windowsills and plant shelves with windowsill clamp trays

Who doesn’t need more place for plants? Enlarge your windowsill or table with the windowsill clamp tray and place house plants and other items on it. The trays are adjustable in height and can be turned in different positions.

The windowsill clamp trays are available in 4 different colours, green, black, white and gold. Also available in size medium and small.

Measurement: Ø24cm, height 24,7cm

Capacity: 3,5 kg

How to install the windowsill clamp tray for plants:

  1. Attach the large screw with the clamp to the bottom of the tray.
  2. Place the clamp part to your windowsill and tighten it so that the clamp is secured.
  3. By turning the tray you can adjust the height of the tray.
  4. Now your windowsill clamp tray is ready for your plants!

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Customer Reviews

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Schön, jedoch nicht ganz stabil

Habe die große Clamp gekauft und generell sieht sie gut aus, würde ich jedoch die Wasserwaage draufstellen, sieht man, dass die Ablage schief ist. Daher steht auch die Pflanze etwas schief drauf und das ist optisch dann wieder nicht ganz so geil.