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Houseplant Leaf Cleanser

Keeping houseplants leaves free of dust and dirt promotes the health of your plants by ensuring the best conditions for photosynthesis. Additionally, cleaning your plants regularly helps you to notice and quickly treat pests and diseases in your plants!

This houseplant leaf cleanser is a 100% olive oil-based liquid soap. Use this natural product diluted in water to take care of your plants. Learn more about leaf cleansing from our blog post.

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Content: 200 ml

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, distilled water, potassium hydroxide and preservative.


Dilute the concentrated product in water (10 pumps of concentrate for 200 ml of water). Apply generously to the leaves using a mister. Don’t forget the underside of the leaves, a favourite place for some pests. Remove the excess product and dust with the help of a soft cloth or kitchen paper.


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Product contains: 200 ml

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