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Flower Press for Microwave

Drying flowers and herbs in a regular flower press can sometimes take several weeks. By using this terracotta microwave flower press you can dry your flowers and herbs within minutes. Another advantage of drying flowers in this way is that the colours are preserved better!

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Set includes:

  • 2 layers of terracotta tiles
  • 2 layers of felt pads
  • 3 silicon loops

Measurements: 19,4 x 17,1 x 3,3 cm

How to use the flower press to dry flowers and herbs in a microwave:

  1. Pick the flowers and herbs you want to dry.
  2. Place the plants on the felt pad and the pad on the terracotta tile.
  3. Lay the other felt pad carefully on the plants, making sure they stay in the wanted position. Then place the second terracotta tile on top.
  4. Secure all the pieces with the silicone loops.
  5. Microwave for 1-2 minutes depending on the thickness of the plants. Be careful when removing the press from the microwave, it can get hot.
Weight1125 g
Dimensions19,4 × 17,1 × 3,3 cm
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