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Terracotta Sprouting Tower

Terracotta sprouting tower is the best way to grow a lot of sprouts – and even many varieties at once!

With the Terracotta sprouting tower it is possible to grow more sprouts at once, whether you want to grow several varieties of sprouts simultaneously, or more of your favourite type of sprouts!

Also, growing sprouts at a different growing stage is possible with this terracotta sprouting tower, so you can make sure to have fresh sprouts always ready. It also allows to grow sprouts in both, dark and light mode.


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The terracotta sprouting tower consists of 

  • four stackable trays, 3 with drainage holes and 1 without to be used to collect the water
  • a lid

The trays can either be stacked in two ways to create different growing environments: with a space in between to allow light to reach the sprouts, or without a space in between to create a moist, dark environment.

The trays and the lid are made out of terracotta material that stores water continuously releases it to the sprouting seeds.
It creates a natural environment for the seeds to grow in and a good ventilation.

You can also use the terracotta sprouting tower for growing microgreens.

How to use the terracotta sprouting tower:

  1. Soak the sprouting seeds of your choice overnight.
  2. Next day, rinse the seeds and spread them evenly on the terracotta trays.
  3. Stack the trays and leave the sprouts to grow.
  4. Rinse the sprouts at least once a day, the terracotta trays have holes in them for water drainage, besides the the lowest tray that can be used to catch the drips of water.
  5. In few days (depending on the sprout variety) the sprouts are ready to be eaten! Store them in the fridge in a container, and make sure to rinse before consuming.
Dimensions19 × 19 × 30 cm

1 review for Terracotta Sprouting Tower

  1. Anna

    I’m not very experienced in growing sprouts but with this sprouter I managed to grow alfalfa and clover, and it turned out great! Excited to try other sprouts at some point too

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