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Cuttings Stand - Glass Tubes on Concrete Base

Cuttings Stand - Glass Tubes on Concrete Base

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Pretty and stable cuttings stand on a concrete base for your plant cuttings

Cuttings mean more plants! By cutting your existing house plants you can grow new plants out of them. Place a cutting in a water filled tube. Once the root has grown the cutting can be planted in soil. This propagation station can also be used as a decoration for flowers and herbs.

The cuttings stand includes:

  • a sturdy concrete base
  • three removable glass tubes

How to use the cuttings stand with concrete base:

  1. Fill the glass tubes with water.
  2. Place your plant cuttings into the tubes.
  3. Wait for the cuttings to grow roots! Make sure to change the water regularly.
  4. Glass tubes are removable from the concrete base and easy to clean.

Measurement: 15 cm x 12 cm x 5 cm (with the tubes attached)

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Customer Reviews

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Cuttings stand glass tubes

I like this cuttings stand because it's so sturdy, and the tubes are removable so it can be cleaned easily. The tubes are quite small so it's better for smaller and thinner plant cuttings.