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Drying Rack for Flowers and Herbs

Drying Rack for Flowers and Herbs

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Drying rack for flowers and herbs for preserving your harvest

Fresh herbs are delicious but can also be used when dried, this way they last much longer. Also flowers can be dried to make beautiful dried flower arrangements.

The drying rack is easy to use: tie fresh herbs together with rope and hang them up on the hooks.The herbs and flowers will dry in no time! It is ideal for drying more plants at once!

Material: Mild steel

Measurements: 35,4 x 35,4 x 40

How to use the drying rack for drying flowers and herbs:

  1. Tie the flowers and herbs into bouquets using rope.
  2. Hang those bouquets on the hooks.
  3. Now, your plants can be left to dry. In no time, you’ll have dried and preserved flowers and herbs!
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