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Houseplant Soil Topper

Houseplant Soil Topper

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This houseplant soil topper is made out of cork granules. It is ideal for preserving humidity in the hot and dry summer season while ensuring convenient aeration. It is recommended for all types of houseplants, especially for plants such as calathea and ferns that like to keep their potting mix slightly moisture.
Houseplant soil topper is functional, but also a beautiful and decorative material with unique characteristics. It is 100% natural, recyclable and reusable.

Quantity: 1 L

Ingredients: 100% cork granules

How to use houseplant soil topper:

Spread a generous portion of the granulate over the entire surface of the potting mix. Being a very light material, water your plants as usual and carefully, so that the cork granules does not leak. You can use it on all your houseplants. Keep the package closed and in a cool place.

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