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Paper Pot Maker

Paper Pot Maker

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Craft your own seedling pots out of old newspapers with the paper pot maker!

All you need for this is a wide strip of newspaper and this tool to create a pot. Put a seed in a pot and let it grow. Once the seedlings are of proper size they can be planted in the garden or a bigger pot. The paper pots will degrade naturally within a short time, allowing the roots to expand further into the ground.

Material: Beech Wood

How to make seedling pots out of old newspaper using the paper pot maker:

  1. Cut a double layer piece of old newspaper in the size of 9 cm x 30 cm.
  2. Roll the piece of newspaper around the upper part of the press. Make sure that about 3 cm of the newspaper strip protrudes at the bottom.
  3. Fold that part of the strip under the press, starting from the seam going completely around the press.
  4. Now, press the two parts of the pot maker together firmly.
  5. Remove the paper pot from the press.
  6. Fill the paper pot with soil and plant your seeds in it!

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