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Plant Grow Light Stick

Plant Grow Light Stick

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Compact and effective plant grow light stick for every kind of indoor plant

To be happy, plants need light. You can make sure your plants get enough light by using a grow light, such as this one. It does not need any complicated assembling, because you can just stick this grow light to the soil and adjusted to the correct height.


  • a LED light with an USB adaptor
  • Telescopic stick

Measurements: L 11 x W 11 x H 23,8-76 cm (Adjustable in height)

How to use plant grow light stick:

  1. Assemble the grow light stick by attaching the stick part to the light.
  2. Determine the height of the stick according to the height of your plant. The light can be from 23,8 ccm to 76 cm in height.
  3. Stick the grow light to the plant pot.
  4. Connect the USB adaptor to a plug.

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