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Propagation Vase

Propagation Vase

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With this propagation vase is perfect for growing avocado plant from a seed

You can also use it for sprouting any other kernels, nuts, bulbs and big seeds. It is also suitable for propagation from plant cuttings.

The vase consists of a vase and a disc that holds the seed or the plant. As only the roots touch the water, seeds, bulbs and nuts are prevented from spoiling and mold.

The propagation vase comes with a glass vase and a glass lid, that has a hole in it for the roots to go through.


Small 0,18 litres

Large: 0,28 litres

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Customer Reviews

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Propagation vase

I have used it to grow my avocado seeds in it and it works great! Those toothpick systems never worked for me but this one is much easier. The only thing is that you have to start the germination in a container and once the root has grown a little bit you can place it in this vase.