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Self-Watering Plant Vessel

Self-Watering Plant Vessel

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Need some assistance in watering your plants? This self-watering plant vessel comes in handy! It keeps your plant happy by slowly releasing water to the soil, and also looks pretty next to your plant!

The set includes:

  • a glass vessel
  • a cotton wick
  • a nylon string
  • a copper arch
  • instructions

Material: Glass, copper, cotton


  • Water vessel: diameter 5,7 cm x H 10 cm
  • Copper arch: 6,4 cm x 15 cm
How to use the self-watering plant vessel:
  1. Fill the glass vessel with water and wet the cotton wick.
  2. Thread the wick through the copper arch with the guidance of the provided nylon string.
  3. Cut off the excess wick and nylon string.
  4. Stick the longer side of the copper arch into the plant pot, and the shorter side of the arc into the water vessel.
  5. Now, your plant will be automatically watered!
    Made in the USA
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