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Self-Watering Spike

Self-Watering Spike

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Self-watering spike waters your plants for you

Going for a vacation and nobody is there to water your plants? This self-watering spike will water your plants automatically! Just stick a bottle full of water to the spike and place it in the plant pot. Water goes through the terracotta material slowly as the soil dries, which also reduces the risk of overwatering.

Material: Terracotta

How to use the self-watering spike:

  1. Stick the self-watering spike into a plant pot, be careful not to damage the roots of the plant.
  2. Place a bottle filled with water to the opening of the spike. The larger the bottle, the longer the self-watering spike will continue providing water for the plant.
  3. Due to terracotta material, the spike automatically releases water for the plant whenever the soil is dry.

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