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Squeeze Sprinkler

Squeeze Sprinkler

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This squeeze sprinkler ball is ideal for water young seedlings

The sprinkler gives a fine mist of water and won't wash away or damage the seedlings.

To use it, squeeze the ball, then hold the nozzle in the water and release the ball. Now, the seedlings can be gently watered.

How to use squeeze sprinkler to water seedlings and delicate plants:

  1. Fill a glass with water. Squeeze the squeeze sprinkler ball and place the nozzle in the water. Once you release the ball, the sprinkler fills with water. (Alternatively, you can remove the nozzle part and just fill the sprinkler under a tap.)
  2. Now, you can water your seedlings and plants. Squeeze the sprinkler to shower the plants.

Material: PVC, stainless steel

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