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Thumb Watering Bell

Thumb Watering Bell

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Thumb watering bells are watering cans, that are functional, beautiful and fun!

Have you already heard of thumb watering bells? They work like this: you control the flow of water with your thumb: Leave the hole on the top open, water flows, close it with your finger, the water stops!

The thumb watering bell gives your plants the most gentle shower, and after use it turns into a beautiful piece of decor.

Material: Terracotta

Volume: 0,45 L

How to use the thumb watering bell:

  1. First put the thumb watering can fully under water and let it fill.
  2. Place your thumb on the hole at the top. Take the watering bell out of the water and hold it above the seedling or plant you want to water.
  3. Remove your thumb from the hole, and water the plant.
  4. Place your thumb back over the hole to stop the fine shower.

Tip! If the water from your tap is hard, use the thumb watering bell with filtered water to give your plants a shower that doesn’t leave marks on the leaves!

Handmade in Greece

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