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Willow Water

Willow Water

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Willow water helps your plant cuttings grow roots faster

This natural product is made out of willow bark. It stimulates the root development of your plant cuttings and seedlings. You can also add it in the water you use to water your plants after repotting to promote root development of the freshly repotted cuttings, or help repotted plants recover.

Capacity: 50 ml

How to use willow water:

  1. Add 2 full pipettes of willow water per 100 ml of water.
  2. Water your freshly repotted plants as usual.
  3. To use it for your cuttings, mis few drops of willow water into the water with your cuttings, repeat as you change the water for your cuttings.

Made in France

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Customer Reviews

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Super recommended!

I had a few lazy cuttings that did not want to root or were rooting super slow but after using willow water for a couple of weeks, I can see them starting to root a bit faster and hopefully soon will plant them in soil 💚