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Rucola Sprouting Seeds

Rucola/Rocket Eruca Sativa

Flavour: nutty, spicy

Use in: salads, toppings, sandwiches

Growing time: 4 days

Level: average

Rucola sprouting seeds are gelatinous seeds, so they can only be grown on a tray, such as the terracotta sprouting tower.


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How to grow sprouts out of rucola sprouting seeds:

  1. Soak seeds for just 10-15 minutes. Rucola seeds are gelatinous, which means that they retain moisture around the seed.

  2. Spread the seeds evenly on a tray, like terracotta sprouting tower‘s tray.

  3. Water the seeds using a plant mister once a day, and once the first baby leaves have grown, increase the watering time to 2-3 times a day.

  4. When ready, sprouts can be stored refrigerated.

  5. Make sure to wash the sprouts before eating.

Weight30 g


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