Plant lover's gift guide

Plant lover's gift guide

Giving presents to a plant lover seems easy, just get them a plant! But what if they already have every plant from their wishlist? What if their home is already so full of plants they rather want to reduce plants than get more?

At Seedor, there are many great gifts for a plant person who already has all the plants! The ideas are plant related, but not plants. Here are some of our favourites:


  1. Windowsill clamp trays
  2. Terracotta sprouting tower
  3.  Thumb watering bell
  4. Plant hanger chandelier
  5. Self-watering spike and vessel
  6. Bokashi composter
  7. Plant phone grip
  8. Plant pet ornament
  9. Plant cuttings stand
  10. Ikebana set

1. Windowsill clamp trays

Probably the best gift you can give to a plant lover is more space for plants. Windowsill clamp trays are perfect for this purpose, as with them it’s possible to create more space on the windowsill, table or plant shelf. Windowsill clamp trays come in three sizes and four different colours: green, white, black and gold, something for every style of interior!

small windowsill clamp tray with a plant-seedor

2. Terracotta sprouting tower

Does your plant lover friend want to expand their plant knowledge from indoor plants to growing their own food? Terracotta sprouting tower is great for growing sprouts and makes a wonderful present for someone waiting to try to grow sprouts, or even for an experienced sprout gardener! Add a few packs of sprout seeds to make an all-you-need sprout growing kit!

3. Thumb watering bell

Thumb watering bell is an ultimate Seedor bestseller, so you can’t go wrong with this gift! Thumb watering bell is a fun and gentle way to water plants, and after use it can just be displayed as a vase for dried flowers. A true multi function plant item!

thumb watering bell in use seedor

4. Plant hanger chandelier

If your friend loves the disco ball trend, the plant hanger chandelier is the perfect gift with the same vibe. It is the prettiest holder for a plant, especially when the sun shines and the acrylic crystal beads create beautiful light patterns and rainbows on the walls!

plant hanger chandelier

5. Self watering spike and vessel

Does your plant loving friend worry about their plants when they travel? Help them to relax by giving them a self-watering spike or a self-watering plant vessel! Both of them help to make sure the plants have enough water when nobody’s home to water them.

6. Bokashi composter

Bokashi composting is one of the easiest ways to recycle bio waste. If your friend is interested in upgrading their recycling game, or you want to encourage them to learn more about composting, gifting a bokashi composter is a great idea. Bokashi composters available at Seedor are full sets containing all you need for starting to compost (besides the food waste, of course!)

7. Plant phone grip

With the plant phone grip you can make sure your friend’s phone is safe when they take photos of their plants! Also, the grips are the best way to plantify mirror selfies, because who doesn’t want to share their love for plants with everyone! There are 7 different plant options for the plant phone grip, su you can for sure surprise your friend with one of their favourite plants!

plant phone grips holders- seedor

8. Plant pet ornament

It’s not a jungle without animals, right? Plant pet ornaments are so cute and fun, and they’ll for sure make your plant loving friend happy! They can be hung on the plants to decorate them and make them more alive. There are many different plant pet animals available at Seedor, take a look at them all here.

9. Plant cuttings stand

Is your friend into taking plant cuttings of their plants? Do they have plant cuttings in every kind of jar and bottle around their home? Then, a plant cutting stand is a nice gift for them! There are several different styles of cuttings stand, but all of them allow you to display plant cuttings beautifully and make them look like a piece of decor!

10. Ikebana set

Does your friend love flowers and flower arrangements? If yes, an Ikebana set is a wonderful gift that allows them to make beautiful flower arrangements in Japanese style. All you need for this gift is a Kenzan, and an Ikebana bowl.

ikebana bowl with kenzan and flowers

Which one of these gift ideas is your favourite? Also, if you’re the plant lover, don’t forget to share this gift guide to your friends and family, so they know what to gift you! 

If you need more ideas, take a look at the gift ideas-page!

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