17 different sprouts and what they taste like

17 different sprouts and what they taste like

Growing sprouts and microgreens is the easiest way to start growing your own greens. They’re fast and easy to grow in a sprouting jar or a sprouting tower, most of the sprouts take just a few days from seeds to your plate! They’re also very versatile when it comes to using them in cooking. You can add sprouts to salads, soups and sandwiches, or even to green smoothies.

There are many different varieties of plants that can be grown as sprouts. At Seedor, we have 17 different types of organic sprouting seeds you can choose from. Since they all taste different, here comes a little description of each one of them.

17 different sprouts


Alfalfa sprouts

Alfalfa is one of the most popular sprouts due to its versatility. The taste of alfalfa is mild and fresh, so it can be added to any meal to add some extra crunch and nutrients. Try it also in a green smoothie!

Broccoli sprouts

Broccoli sprouts don’t taste much like broccoli, but rather more spicy, like radish. They’re perfect for any meal for some spice and crunch.

Chia sprouts

Chia sprouts don’t really taste anything like chia pudding, but rather bitter and nutty, some also say spicy. Chia sprouts are delicious and healthy in salads ,sandwiches and smoothies. Have you ever tried to grow chia pets? They’re actually chia sprouts!

Chick pea sprouts

Rich and creamy tasting chick pea is rich with protein. Therefore, it’s one of the more filling sprouts and perfect to use in dishes like salads and woks. Try to make hummus with sprouted chick peas!

Clover sprouts

Clover is another mild sprout that fits any meal. It has a similar flavour to lettuce, so you can bravely add it to salads and sandwiches for crunch and nutrients.

Cress sprouts

Cress is one of the popular sprouts, too, as it is fail-proof and deliciously spicy. Cress is a perfect topping to any meal that you want to add a little bit of spice into.

Fennel sprouts

Fennel seeds alone are very aromatic, and when sprouted they can be used in smoothies and desserts too to add some interesting taste of licorice! The taste of licorice is very dividing, what’s your take?

Fenugreek sprouts

Grow fenugreek sprouts to add some deep, curry-like flavour to your dishes. You can already guess by the smell of the seeds that it is going to be delicious!

Green pea sprouts

Sweet, fresh and crunchy, that’s what green pea sprouts are like. Also grown as microgreens, green pea is delicious and a perfect addition to salads, or as decoration on top of your dish.

Leek sprouts

Do you like onion and garlic? If yes, you’ll love leek sprouts! Leek sprouts taste like a mild and fresh onion, so they’re a perfect add to any savory meal.

Lentil sprouts

Lentil sprouts have a rich, nutty taste and they’re very crunchy. They can be cooked the same way like regular lentils, but for many sprouted lentils are easier to digest than the unsprouted ones.

Mung bean sprouts

Mung bean sprouts are a lovely addition to your stir-frys and soups. They’re juicy, mild and crunchy, and also full of beneficial nutrients!

Mustard sprouts

Do you like some spice? If yes, mustard sprouts are your new best friend. They have a spicy, earthy, horseradish-like taste that you can add to salads and also warm dishes.

Red adzuki sprouts

Nutty and beany tasting, protein-rich red adzuki sprouts fit well to different salads, woks and soups. They’re also fast and easy to grow.

Red cabbage sprouts

Red cabbage sprouts are mild and taste slightly like cabbage (surprise!). Grown red cabbage sprouts have a beautiful coloration of purple and green, so they’re perfect to add some colour to salads, or as a topping to any other meal. 

Red radish sprouts

Red radish is also one of the decorative sprouts that are perfect for adding colour to your meals. Not only colour, though, but also some intense radish-like flavour, warmth and spice.

Rucola sprouts

Just like a full grown rucola, rucola sprouts taste spicy, and have a slight nutty taste to them too. They fit perfectly into salads and sandwiches.

Sunflower sprouts

Sunflower sprouts are juicy and crunchy, and have a nutty taste to them. They can be used in, for example, salads, smoothies and sandwiches. Also sunflower microgreens are delicious, they take a few days longer to grow but they’re worth the wait!

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